Consulting: An Independent Strategic Viewpoint From Independent Experts

Common Problem: Insular Thinking

A common problem that is experienced by companies is insular thinking, particularly when it comes to solution design and company structure.

Larger companies are often constrained by existing ways of thinking that may have been in place for many years:

  • “this is the way we work”
  • “it has always been that way”
  • “we don’t have a choice”
  • “this is the path of least resistance”

The root cause for such insular thinking is often driven from a lack of challenge internally, as existing processes and procedures are simply accepted by the internal teams without contest.

How Consulting Can Help

Bringing consultants on board with an independent viewpoint can benefit in the following ways:

Expert Skills & Services

Consultants are industry experts who have exposure to many companies and projects within their industry. At COPA Consulting, our consultants have built up expertise and experience over many years across a range of companies and projects.

External Independent Perspective

Consultants bring a fresh pair of eyes to the table.  It is remarkable how often a fresh pair of eyes can ask the simplest of questions that, when we look back retrospectively, we don’t understand why no one else asked that question.  Consultants are also independent and so are not constrained by any internal pressures.

Lessons Learned From The Wider Marketplace

Consultants will have experiences of when things have worked really well.  Conversely, they will also have seen many times where things have not worked so well.  Ultimately, consultants “know what good looks like” and have gained their expertise and experience over many years, with exposure to many situations.

Having the ability to reflect on the wider marketplace can make identifying gaps and making recommendations much easier.

Easier For Independent Consultants To Challenge

Personalities often play a huge part in whether challenges are well received or not.  More often than not, we have found that external challenges are well received and taken seriously.  By contrast, for many organisations, we have found challenges are often not made (or not made strongly enough) because of internal hierarchy pressures and/or personal confidence of individuals.

Future Thinking Mindset

Consultants bring a future thinking strategic mindset with no constraints on how things work today.

COPA Consulting can bring a fresh pair eyes and new approach to existing or new challenges in the workplace.

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