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Project Delivery: You Need To Know What Good Looks Like

There is a phrase commonly talked about in the marketplace that suggests “no project is ever the same”. Whilst this is partially true in some senses, this phrase is often misused as an excuse for failed projects not delivering what they set out to do.

At COPA Consulting, we don’t buy into the concept of “no project is ever the same”.  Instead, we believe you need to know “what good looks like” in order to deliver.

Knowing what good looks like is part of our ethos and forms part of our project delivery philosophy.  This has also heavily influenced our recruitment policy for bringing new consultants into our team.

We believe that the best professionals need to have seen and been a part of things working well to be able to quickly resolve issues where things are not working so well.  The best professionals also usually have lots of stories about things not working well but, more importantly, they know why things have gone wrong and how they fixed the problems.

Lessons learned are fundamental to everything we do.  We call upon lessons learned not just from our times at COPA Consulting, but collectively from all our people across their entire careers.

This enables us to add value to projects immediately.  Placing experienced consultants on site, those who have been there, seen it and done it before, however also, more importantly, know why things go wrong, can often be the difference between a successful delivery or not.

This also leads to the concept of “Done It Before” type projects.  Another added benefit of having experienced consultants on board is we can often find themes, patterns or solutions within projects where the problems have been solved before.  A team of experienced consultants who can quickly identify the way forward can greatly reduce project budgets and timelines.

If you would like to know more about COPA Consulting’s project delivery methodology or find our more about our team please get in touch.

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