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Best Of Both Worlds: Life As A Permanent Consultant

To quote Albert Einstein: “The only constant is change”.

Business is constantly changing.  All change projects, if thought about in isolation, are temporary, however when we consider the ever-changing world, it is fair to say that change is here to stay, and we should regard change as permanent.  This also means that professionals, even the best and most qualified, need to keep their skills and qualifications up to date in order to meet evolving industry requirements.

At COPA Consulting, not only do we embrace change, we make careers out of it.  Our consultants benefit from the knowledge of employment security, as well as all associated benefits of being permanent, whilst also gaining from the wider experience consulting provides.

If you have thought about becoming a permanent consultant but need some persuasion, maybe we can convince you to take that step!

Permanent Core Team Of Consultants

We have a permanent core team of consultants who are the heart of our business.  Our team are like minded professionals, each highly skilled in their area of expertise.  We only recruit the “best of the best” for our core Consultancy Team.

Support Team Of Industry Experts

Our team look after each other supporting, training and coaching wherever required.  We run a mentorship scheme aimed at developing everyone in our core team.

Personal Development Plan

Every member of COPA Consulting’s core team has a personal development plan aimed at building up their industry knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications.  If there is every any down time between projects finishing and the next project starting, our core team work on training and building their skillset with the support of the wider COPA Consulting and COPA Training teams.  We also run a sponsorship scheme where we fund additional study for employees in return for long term commitment to our core Consulting Team.

Fast Track Experience / Wide Project Exposure

Our core Consultancy Team will have a very wide exposure to many projects at different organisations. Often there can be multiple projects at different stages with different organisations at any given time. Ultimately, being a member of the core Consultancy Team fast tracks experience at an accelerated rate, much faster than being at one company.

Opportunity To Make A Difference

One of the key benefits of being a permanent core Consultancy Team member is you will have the opportunity to see your efforts make a difference.

Career Progression Path

Our core Consultancy Team have the opportunity to progress internally via promotions as their skills and experience grow.  This is an opportunity that simply doesn’t exist for non permanent roles.

Excellent Salary & Benefits Package

Our permanent core Consultancy Team members enjoy the benefits of a market leading salary and benefits package including pension and healthcare.

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