Sourcing Contractors

How to Source Top Contractors

An increase in work or a specific project requirement can often result in a requirement for contractors with specific skill sets to be recruited on a short-term or long-term basis.

Hiring the right contractor first time will ultimately impact upon the success of the project delivery.

Here is our advice to follow when looking for and hiring contractors.

Clearly define your requirements

Make sure to outline the specific skills, experience, and qualifications needed in a contractor.

Specify contract terms

Clearly define the project scope, timelines, and payment terms. A well-defined contract helps manage expectations and ensures clarity.

Explore resourcing websites

Take advantage of websites dedicated to freelancers and contractors. These platforms typically provide ratings, reviews, and samples of past work.

Engage with resourcing companies

Experienced professional across resourcing companies have a wide network of varied contractors who can demonstrate past successes.

Ask for referrals

Seek recommendations from colleagues, industry contacts, or professionals in your network. This can help you identify reputable contractors.

Review portfolios

Assess contractors' past work by carefully examining their portfolios. Look for relevant projects and successful outcomes.

Conduct thorough interviews

During the interview process, evaluate not only technical skills but also communication, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities.

Consider test projects

To assess a contractor's skills and compatibility, you may want to assign a small, paid test project before committing to a larger engagement.

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